Nano Eye Device for Tele Hematology.

A digital microscope for haematology, an ideal instrument for connecting peripheral test centres with hospital hubs where haematology experts operate, verifying and validating inbound data collected by systems.

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How it works

NED DH tangibly promotes the digitalisation of haematology, simplifying its approach thanks to a real time image transmission system, through a specific streaming application.

Using a proprietary management software, developed based on the requirements of doctors, leukocyte formula data and images are memorised and can be recovered for case review.

The instrument can be used instead of the optical microscope with the counter keyboard, enabling connection to LIS and the transfer of data without having to transcribe them.

Main technical information

  • 4 objectives, up to 100X (dry)
  • Own management and control software
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of results
  • LAN, WAN, 4G and 5G data connection
  • DICOM monitor compatible
  • 4 slide holder


NED DH Digital Hematology Brochure 02, February 2023 View

Break down the boundaries of Telepathology


Full multi-device remote control


Full control of functions: enlargement, focus, cell count, report generation, second opinion.


Support for 4 slides, without the use of oil or object covers.

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