Nano Eye Device for Digital Pathology

NED DP is the ideal telepathology instrument as it enables the real-time sharing of diagnostic images on any wireline or wireless data network between healthcare facilities and specialists located anywhere in the world. A new frontier of medicine.

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How it works

The remote control of NED DP and high definition of images enables urgent diagnosis with excellent precision, and the chance to receive a live second opinion.

The versatility of this instrument ensures more rapid and effective access to diagnostic images, while full remote control facilitates consultation and the remote issuing of the histopathological and cytological sample report.

Full remote control from tablet and smartphone

Main technical information

  • 6 objectives, up to 40X
  • 4 slide holder
  • Specific streaming software
  • Slide preview in 10 seconds
  • Full multi-device remote control
  • 4G and 5G connection
  • DICOM monitor compatible


NED DP Digital Pathology Brochure 02, February 2023 View

Break down the boundaries of Telepathology

Frozen section and FNA

Remote diagnostics

Emergency distance diagnosis

Remote control and observation of samples, in real time, with total management of the instrument

Share images

Second opinion

Learn more about diagnosis

Real-time and remote sharing of images to involve other specialists

Training and education

Real-time connection directly from classrooms to the instrument in the pathological anatomy laboratory

E-learning with multiple access, for continuous learning

Technical updates and training refreshers

Collaborative diagnostics

Involvement of several experts for final diagnosis

Innovative optical laser microscopy systems networked in real time, at the service of pathologists, haematologists and virologists worldwide

Possibility of networking between different skills and different structures

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