27 March 2023

Laboratory without borders

NTP is excited to announce that Sintak Srl, distributor of NED MICRO line products for Italy, has installed the first NED DP at the Anatomy, Histology and Cytogenetics laboratory of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan directed by Dr. Emanuela Bonoldi.

-The “Laboratory without borders“: the “digital pathology” arrives in Niguarda as a telemedicine tool.
A brand new digital microscope based on the new frontiers of telepathology has recently arrived in the pathological anatomy laboratory.
Thanks to this equipment, pathologists who have to analyze a sample can now discuss “live” even with colleagues who are in other Structures. The NED DP digital microscope, in fact, allows you to share the images of the sample in real time with a second remote expert, who can manage the microscope, analyze the slide in high resolution and support the connection in the diagnosis.
It is the first instrument of this type installed in Lombardy and will be decisive for second-opinions and discussions between experts in particularly complex cases. Like an intraoperative oncological diagnosis, in which the pathologist who is seconded to the operating room can analyze the sample together with the more expert pathologist colleague on the pathology in question, who is located in the ward.
The live comparison is particularly useful for diagnosing cases that are difficult to interpret as well as for a correct assessment of the adequacy of the organs harvested for transplantation, an increasingly complex and ultra-specialised area.
In short, a “Pathological Anatomy without borders” to develop a network of specialist pathologists who will be able to discuss and discuss wherever they are