Nano Eye Device - Digital Hematology (NED-DH)

The future of the peripheral blood smear image analysis

The NED-DH was born and evolved from the NED-DP Digital Pathology. Therefore, it inherits all the characteristics of the latter.

The NED-DH wants to be the ideal tool to connect peripheral sampling centers with hub hospitals where hematology specialists reside, who can thus check, verify and validate the incoming data from automatic counting systems.

This device aims to be a promoter of the digitization of this discipline thanks to a real-time image transmission system, using a dedicated streaming system
and proprietary management software.

Using the leukocyte formula software dedicated, the data and images of the individual elements are stored and can be called up for a review of the case.

The NED-DH can also be used in place of the classic optical microscope with the counter keypad, allowing connection to the LIS and data transfer without
having to transcribe the data.

Designed for blood smears analysis

Remotely accessible from any device
Interface I/O

Personal computer, monitor touch-screen, joystick, tablet and smartphone.

  • Dedicated management and control software with connection and viewing of streaming images;

  • Function for the execution of the leukocyte formula;

  • Function for generating a summary report for the review of the case.

No oil and no coverslip
CE-IVD certified

Up to four lenses available:

  • 1.25x: for the creation of the navigation map that allows to check and store the observed fields;

  • 20x: for a quick and panoramic observation;

  • 40x: for observation and use of the software for the leukocyte formula;

  • 100x: for specific observation at high magnification;

Network band

Ready for 4G / 5G connections.


DICOM high definition monitor ready.

More immediate and faster


Immediate remote access.


Control of all functions: magnification, focus, movement, count cells, generate report, second opinion.


Holder for 4 slides.

One device, multiple applications

Card image cap
Peripheral blood smear image analysis
  • Remote diagnosis.

  • Control and observation of samples remotely and in real time with total management of the instrument.

  • Emergency diagnosis carried out remotely.

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Images sharing
  • Second opinion.

  • Real-time sharing of images through the remote enabling of a second expert to observe the case.

  • Learn more about the diagnosis.

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Training & Education
  • Real-time connection from classrooms directly to the instrument placed in the hematology laboratory.

  • E-learning with multiple accesses.

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Collaborative diagnostics
  • Real-time observation of the case by remote hematologists teams.

  • Collaborative diagnosis between experts.

Coming soon!