Nano Eye Device - Virus Detection (NED-VD)

The digital revolution in laser imaging for multiplexing

The Nano Eye Device - Virus Detection (NED-VD) project was created with the aim of detecting the presence of viruses in a sample under examination.

The NED-VD focuses on the design of new generation biosensors based on the use of nanoparticles and microarrays, both developed on patient needs.

The ability to engineer both nanoparticles and microarray allows an analysis of numerous parameters starting from a small amount of sample.

In NTP we have developed systems capable of detecting up to 21 analytes simultaneously and this allows a type of multi-genotypic and multi-antigenic analysis.

At present in NTP we have designed a microarray capable of detecting up to 20 different genotypes of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and an innovative detection system of the intact SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Our patented and globally recognized technology has potential that grows exponentially with the number of information sought.

NED-VD was therefore created with the aim of making "visible" everything that is "invisible" for a normal microscope, using a particular proprietary laser technology.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is under clinical validation.

Designed for nanoparticles detection on microarray

Remotely accessible from any device
  • Dedicated management and control software with connection and viewing of streaming images;

  • Qualitative analysis of the results;

  • Analyte count and quantitative analysis;

  • Statistical processing of the results;

Coverslip imaging with dry objectives

Up to four lenses available:

  • 4x and 10x: for qualitative analysis of the results;

  • 20x and 60x: for quantitative analysis of the results;

Network band

Ready for 4G / 5G connections.


DICOM high definition monitor ready.

1 slide,12 patients,1000+ exams

  • Magnification

  • Laser intensity

  • Biosensor movement

  • Software for counting nano-objects

  • Statistical analysis of diagnostic results

  • Report creation


  • R. Lo Savio, S. Piselli, C. Bertelli, M. Pizzato, A. Carloni, Viral particles imaging through evanescent wave in a total internal reflection laser microscope, Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 37 (2022) 100517


  • Brochure NED-VD (English).pdf