Nano Eye Device - Digital Pathology (NED-DP)

The digital revolution in pathological anatomy

NED-DP represents the latest generation of tools that allow you to optimize the connection processes between remote hospitals. The sharing of diagnostic images in real time on a local and geographical data network represent the new frontier of telemedicine.

The remote control of the NED-DP and the high definition of the images allow an urgent diagnosis with precision and with the possibility of having a second opinion. Thanks to the versatility of the new NED-DP tool, access to diagnostic images becomes faster and more effective.

The full remote control facilitates consultation and remote reporting of the histopathological sample.


Designed for Frozen Section and FNA

Remotely accessible from any device
Interface I/O

Personal computer, monitor touch-screen, joystick, tablet and smartphone.


Dedicated management and control software with connection and viewing of streaming images.


Up to six lenses available: 1.25X,2X,4X,10X,20X,40X.

Network band

Ready for 4G / 5G connections.


DICOM high definition monitor ready.


Dedicated control application with connection and viewing of streaming images for smartphone and tablet.

Real-time observation and control


Immediate remote access.


Control of all functions: magnification, focus, prepared movement.


Holder for 4 slides.

The Digital Pathology without boundaries

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Frozen section & FNA
  • Remote diagnosis.

  • Control and observation of samples remotely and in real time with total management of the instrument.

  • Emergency diagnosis carried out remotely.

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Images sharing
  • Second opinion.

  • Real-time sharing of images through the remote enabling of a second expert to observe the case.

  • Learn more about the diagnosis.

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Training & Education
  • Real-time connection from classrooms directly to the instrument placed in the pathological anatomy laboratory.

  • E-learning with multiple accesses.

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Collaborative diagnostics
  • Real-time observation of the case by remote pathologist teams.

  • Collaborative diagnosis between experts.


  • Brochure NED-DP (English).pdf
  • Brochure NED-DP (Italiano).pdf

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